Rev. C. Paul Grenier


"Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? and When Will It Come?"               (19:57 min)

A sermon about how Heaven may be closer to us than we ever could imagine, based on scripture from Luke 17:20-37 and Revelations 21:1-6.

"Carpe Exitus"         (18:01 min.)

A Sermon about embracing the concept of the "End Times," based on Mark 13:3-8 and 21-31, otherwise known as "Mark's Little Apocolypse."

"Bread Makes the Meal"       (16:33 min.)

A Communion Sunday Sermon based on the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand found in John 6:1-15.
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"The Perfectionist's Place in Paradise"                 (16:35 min)

A sermon about how to be a "Perfect Christian," based on the story of the adulterous woman in John 8:2-11. 

"As Close As the East is to the West"                          (17:18 min.)

An ecumenical sermon about interfaith dialogue, based on the story of the visitation of the Wise men from the east who visit the baby Jesus in Matthew 2:1-12.

Thank God I'm Blind
The above Sermon was given the evening before Thanksgiving 2011 at an ecumenical worship service and food drive held every year by the our town's religious communities.  The sermon is based on Habakkuk 3:17-19, and  
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. 
  (Please accept my apologies for the shaky videography at the beginning of this sermon.)